Blood Orange Cardamom

juicy and lightly spiced

Juicy and bright, Blood Orange Cardamom is a lightly spiced treat that doesn’t disappoint. Designed for fun, it's a tasty delight that will leave you feeling great. Whether you’re sipping one or downing several, these Canns will make you feel light and happy - no hangover ever.

6 pack - $24 // 24 pack - $75

This Assortment includes

12 Blood Orange Cardamom

6 Lemon Lavender

6 Grapefruit Rosemary

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Light buzz

No hangover

Fast onset



Low in

“Even if there wasn’t any THC/CBD I’d still drink it just for the flavor alone. Buuut I certainly don’t mind having the added bonus of THC/CBD”


“Good flavor, nice buzz”


“My favorite out of all the flavors! Very refreshing citrusy notes with a light warm after taste.”


“The flavor is very unique, delicious, and I would drink it even if it didn’t have cannabis in it!”


“My personal favorite, but all flavors have a great, subtle taste!”


“Everyone should get to enjoy the great taste/feeling of a Cann”


“I’m obsessed. They’re easy to drink, easy entry for trying weed, & flat out fucking delicious.”


“This was my first time trying Cann, and I absolutely love them! The flavor options are delicious.”


no fake friends

no artificial sweeteners or cheatners, and our juice is sourced from the best place in the world

reverse-osmosis carbonated water

(A few bubbles, nothing else)

not-from-concentrate juice from Florida

(Save concentration for work)

All-natural cardamom flavor

(Never with "other" flavors)

Agave nectar

(just a touch, not too much)

Pure Cannabis extract

(No flavor, we promise!)

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frequently asked questions

But I don’t “do” cannabis.

We didn’t either (seriously, one of our founders had never been into a dispensary before starting Cann). Everything about Cann was crafted to look, feel, taste just like the other “drinks” you may enjoy (same buzz, quick onset), but they have no hangover, 35 or fewer calories, and no weird ingredients. Plus they actually taste good.

Ooo what do they taste like?

Welp, this one is hard because we are still working on having taste buds work through our computer screen. Until then, trust us. There is a flavor for everyone and very often people love all three. We didn’t stop formulating until we had a drink that we not only liked, but loved and craved.

Explain the pricing

A 24 pack is only $75. Which is $3.12 a Cann. Have you been to a bar lately? Those guys will charge you $15 for a watery vodka soda that my cat could make better. Think about how much you usually pay for a sugary edible with questionable results….ya. And they come with a hangover.

But the taxes!

We know, we know. But cannabis taxes are what allow cannabis to be legal, so we can’t complain too much. Plus, if you’re a medical card holder, we can spare you from paying those - just send your medical card to lets@drinkcann.com

Why no same-day delivery?

Oh, you waited your whole life for Cann and now you need it the same day? Just kidding. We wish we could hand-deliver Cann to everyone’s door within 2 hours but Jeff Bezos left us on read. Until then, what’re another 2 days?
We also have a same-day delivery option for you here. Or you can pick up from a dispensary here.

I had a reallllllly bad brownie experience in college.

Ugh, we’re sorry about that, and have been there too! We’re different, we promise! Cann is microdosed which means it will make you feel good but not too good. The onset is quick - 10 minutes or so - so you can pace yourself just like you would when you’re drinking. No surprises, just a gentle lift and a controllable high.

The dosage is too low.

If you are a cannabis regular, this might apply to you. But think about it this way. Cann is a social tonic. Cann was designed to be enjoyed multiple times in a night, sipped and nursed and drunk as you socialize and chill.

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